Heating Furnace

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Furnace Safety Inspection & Service:

Steps involved in a furnace tune-up:

  • Check air filter- clean/replace with standard filter.
  • Inspect electrical connections.
  • Test electrical safety controls.
  • Analyze temperature difference.
  • Check calibration of thermostat.
  • Lubricate fan motors if applicable.
  • Check amperage draw of motors.
  • Check / clean burners and adjust if applicable.
  • Check flame sensor.
  • Analyze gas input.
  • Check manifold pressure.
  • Inspect flame operation.
  • Check combustion chamger.
  • Inspect for corrosion.
  • Test thermocouple, if applicable.
  1. Inspect motor belts and pulleys, if applicable.
  2. Check for upper and lower combustion air.
  3. Verify client has smoke detectors.
  4. Check air distribution.
  5. Visual inspection of ducts for cleanliness and leakage.
  6. Inspect flue pipe.
  7. Check gas flex and shut-off valve.
  8. Check sequence of operation.
  9. Check ignition system.
  10. Check pressure switch and hoses.
  11. Check blower housing and motor.
  12. Check 2nd stage operation if applicable.
  13. Check speed of motor on 2nd stage.
  14. Check induce motor.


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